A Revived Pete? Between roughly 1998 until 2008 Policy Pete covered most aspects of petroleum and energy policy.*  Recent developments -- the fall in the price of oil -- which came to Pete as a surprise and sent him back to his computer screen to grasp current supply and demand.

But is he up to putting it all back into a web site? He hasn't decided. Perhaps dear departed Lord Palmerston, who uses Pete to channel the odd remark, may yet give him a clue. Oh, and weren't the ghosts of the Texas Railroad Commission recently seen floating along the tracks somewhere in the Permian? Perhaps they'll get in touch.
Mr. 5%

*You think one includes the other? Here is a pic of Pete's hero, Calouste Gulbenkian, and here the map he drew in 1928 that divied up middle eastern oil. For his troubles he was given 5 percent of the revenues. You think you will ever do as well with a couple of wind farms and a big solar roof? Nah, crude rules the roost.