Petroleum       Between 1998 until 2008 Policy Pete covered most aspects of petroleum and energy policy as a website. The author, whose involvment with US government energy policy started in the mid-1970s, has extensive experience including work on global warming.
        Policy Pete has not been revived as a website, but exits only as an accomodation to Pete's new existence on Twitter. The website provides ancillary information for people interested in the real problems.
        Other traditions from the original website may or may not be revived. These include messages from Lord Palmerston, who used Pete to channel the odd remark from well beyond this time and place.
Mr. 5%        Here is one of Pete's heros, Calouste Gulbenkian, and here too is the red line map he drew in 1928 that divided up middle eastern oil. For his troubles he was given 5 percent of the revenues. You think a couple of wind farms and a big solar roof are equal? Nah, crude rules the roost, then and now.
Carbon Sink Project         I'm eager to learn from algae specialists about atmospheric decarbonization -- a possible remedy for climate change. My understanding is that coccolith blooms could be used to sink chalk to the ocean floor. Please get in touch if you could help me understand. Bryan de Boinville of Wash. DC. area, tweeting as @Policy_Pete. Make calls to 1-202-436-4320 or send email to